Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1M Pixel Swiss région in development.

FSX/P3D. Here is a really talented and detailed Swiss project I came across recently. Now the upcoming AUSTRIA Professional HD project looks very promising albeit it will not come with seasonal textures which I personally consider to be only half a product. I am not sure if this 1M pixel photoreal project will have different textures or not but it's damn impressive to say the least. Ultimately, my overall preference is to have Orbx FTX cover the entire Alps region. But if they do, it will be a long ways away. So for now, I will continue to watch this independent developer project with extreme interest. See for yourself!

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Unknown said...

Wow, I want :)

chino said...

knocks the sox off MSE Swizerland

Unknown said...

If its offered at $29.95, I will agree :)

Pe11e said...

This randomly placed autogen somehow kills this product in my eyes. For me it is better without autogen if it's placed badly.
I mean, I support the effort of developers, but the autogen simply doesn't look good.

Unknown said...

Should go to Avsim Photscenery forum. There's a project that loos as good if not better than this for Switzerland.

Unknown said...

I've been working on a similar project for Switzerland.


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