Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Orbx cooking?

FSX/P3D. I don't know guys. But whatever it is, it seems to be big! John Venema is hinting at something big... whatever it is, the announcement will be big! Which is good to me because I will be having some oral surgery this weekend and while i'm in pain whining like a baby (what my wife predicts) all hopped up on Vicodin like House, it's always good to have something good to look forward to. And besides, it's from Orbx so... i'll be standing by with interest! Any guesses? BTW openLC Europe is due shortly.
So the question remains: "What's he building in there?"

From John:

"Hello all,

Just a heads up that we are planning a major product announcement hopefully by this weekend if we finalise all business agreements and the alpha build. It is another global product with a single installer that will dramatically change the whole sim experience when used in conjunction with FTX Global.

We will have screenshots, details and also announce a free demo which is an entire country using the new product + openLC in harmony.

Stay tuned!"
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Elliot Westacott said...

Looks exciting - could be mesh/vectors for Global maybe? I feel for you man, I had oral surgery today and it sucked, your lucky, you get vicodin! I got nothing!

Anders Halstæd said...

And the really big thing is that their 1.10 FTX Global patch still doesn't fix DX10 compatibility.

I'm sorry, but can we as a community just accept this when Orbx know full well that some of the heavy sceneries are just unusable in DX9 due to OOMs and they released FTX Global saying it was DX10 compatible.

Richárd Dobos said...

I hope this will be some kind of 3D automation (a'la FranceVFR) with photoreal base for cities around the world. All the capitals maybe?

DAndre Newman said...

We'll I will say this. We have confirmed the next P3D update due this year will have full DX11 compatibility and Orbx is fully aware of this. So it's quite likely DX11 will be the focus... But don't quote me on that.

DAndre Newman said...

If I may ask, how much does it hurt? Is it really bad? As I will have an open wound in my mouth for a few days.

I have been advised against taking that actually and my wife prefers Ibuprofen. I am just not looking forward to that pain. And she is looking forward to watching me act like a baby over this.

Toby Rottner said...

I recon it could be vector data (streams, rivers, roads etc) for each region. It seems like a natural progression.

After all, it would certainly be interesting to see what a certain unrelated person would have to say about such an FTXGlobal addition.

Danny said...

I was actually hoping it was going to be Steve's DX10 fix which he says is complete, but he's just not too sure on how to sell it. With FTXG needing Steve's fix for the night lighting I thought they might release it as an FTX product.

So now they say it will be localised in a test area I'd lay bets on it being some use of vector data for roads and water bodies. WOuld be nice if they found a way to utilise the OSM dat they're using for the LC products to align roads with autogen so it looks more plausible. Biggest pain is when you see roads cut through the carpark/parks/fields images ... but only a few days to find out for sure.

Peter Hobbs said...

perhaps JV is having his happy head fitted on sat

Mike Barway said...

I have many of the ORBX sceneries and am DX9 and have not had a problem with OOMs. I am eager to see what the new offering from ORBX is.

mfahey said...

I too hope it will vector data (and land class which they have already announced as future packs). I love FTXG, and it has encouraged me in the last month to purchased many great airports outside of Orbx regions (Orbx regions are where I have restricted my flying for years).

New hi-res vector data will be such and improvement... Take Mumbai, we have a fantastic new airport model, but the default FSX vector coastlines really remind you haw crude the default world is modelled. Likewise flying with the new Pakistani airfields is fantastic, but then 15 minutes away from the airport scenery you come across a crude squared corner blue box that is an unconvincing lake that spoils the immersion - due to the default vector data.

So my wish is for a series of Orbx Vector & Landclass packs to really finish of the excellent job that FTXG and a new slew of airport developers have started.

Mark Batarina said...

DX10 in FSX is the FSX of DirectX.

Lots of bugs.

Todd said...

I've never had a problem with their sceneries in P3D. So, I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Td Avart said...

This sounds intriguing, but if I need to drop another hundred bucks, sorry, I'll have to wait.

Peter Hobbs said...

I have always thought that Orbx global was just the start, Orbx,s version of UTX and LC will fit together nicely, then they will just about own the scenery market,but just watch out for Nick negatives happy comments,I bet the staff at flight1 is at this moment having to throw cold water over him,at least it has stopped flight1 from attacking us poor old P3d user,s around the forum,s,

Elliot Westacott said...

It wasnt that bad actually -I felt pretty sick all day but the pain was manageable with Paracetamol. Sore today but not as bad as I thought it would be. Wish you all the best!

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