Sunday, September 29, 2013

Twotter ski in development!

FSX/P3D. Twin Otter Home Cockpit has shown off just 1 sneak of the Twotter Ski variant. This is by far my most favorite of all the Twin Otters. Why? Because there is just nothing like seeing a random snowy mountain slope and trying to make a go at it. Always a challenge! But wait! Where is the amphibian already?
Updated with VC shot!
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Unknown said...

Amphibian will be released together with the ski version.

This is to keep the number of re-installations down.

(Aerosoft developer)

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks Finn!

Sid said...

Oooooo! Sweet!

I've finally bought my own Twotter Extended a few days ago, as I promised Finn I would here on ADX, some months back, pre-release when all the negative posts against it were floating about by 'negative comments only, unconstructive criticism only' type idiots. And all I can say is, you weren't kidding D....This is just wonderful!!! :-) I'm amazed by how much it surpassed by expectations and how impressed I am in the experience it provides. I love it so much! I think I'll be spending a few flight hours in her...Its just done so well! Bring on the Twin Otter Amphib and Ski versions :) Yes please! Well done Aerosoft...this is good quality work indeed, and a pleasure to experience properly this fine, agile and extremely flexible-use aircraft.
Thank you!

Danny said...

Loving the twotter and the regular updates with additional models. Really good work in the flight model and textures, and a great approach to keeping customers happy. One of my favourite aircraft right now

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