Sunday, September 1, 2013

QualityWings: Back with the 146!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Many of you were concerned about the QW Bae146 project and a last week, the team did respond regarding their development status. They also promised an update for early September and not only have they delivered, they also showed up with a nice vintage livery. Not mad. Not mad at all! Here is the statement in case you missed it.

 "Dear all,

Please be informed that the Stage 3 release of the Ultimate 146 Collection is still heavily being worked on. The BAe146 variants are undergoing beta testing and we're progressing well on our way to finally call it "done".
Sounds, FDE, the exterior model and FSX liveries are done and ready. The Virtual Cockpits (yes, there are two different cockpits) and 2D panels are about 99% done and undergo bugfixing. The GNS-XLS FMC as well as the autopilot systems are also technically finalized and bugs are being worked out.
We understand the impatience of some customers and apologize for the long wait and the few status updates. We even heard rumors about the project being dead, which I find very interesting considering it is already in beta testing. We lived up to our promises in the past and will certainly do so again. Trust us that we want to see it released MUCH more than you guys do. Unfortunately the Flight Sim market does not allow us to go full time in this business and thus real life has to take priority. 
I don’t want to give you an exact release date but expect to fly the BAe146 in your sim within the next two months.
During the course of September we will provide you with some more information and previews. I’m sure you’ll really like the final outcome and understand why it wasn’t done over night ;)


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