Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oslo. Glassy, and classy.

FSX. It seems joerlend is currently working on multiple projects at the moment. But given the obvious advanced state his Gardermoen 2017 appears to be, I must assume he is managing his time fairly well. I really like the updated Oslo. All that wood trim, that glass. It has a quality look of class indeed. Here are the latest shots.

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Unknown said...

Wow, much better than the original. I will definitely keep this on my radar.

Ypaul123 said...

Now that's a good looking scenery.

Sid said...

Sure does have 'sleek Scandinavian design' written all over it, doesn't it?! Beautiful work and one I'll definitely be keeping my eye on too...If it looks like this and performs for the big jets, I'd say count me in as a customer. I presume you'll be doing one of your first looks or some fine ADX Live testing for us around release time though, eh DAndre? I'd love to have a good Oslo airport personally. So good to see some great-looking and promising European, Asian and African destinations in the pipeline these days. On a side note, how's the tooth compared to the other day on ADX Live? You still doing the Darth Vadar voice or has it settled a little? Hope it gets sorted soon. Feel for you buddy. Hang in there...I'm sure they'll sort it next time :-)

Unknown said...

Fantastic 3d work.. the wood plating in particular. The whole airport design is quite astonishing, especially those all-glass jetways.

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