Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orbx + NoCali = YesCali!

FSX/P3D. Alex Goff has posted an exciting round of previews of the upcoming FTX Northern California. Personally, it's an honor to see my home state represented in FS. NoCali has much to offer to VFR pilots and as always, I am confident Alex and FTX will not disappoint. Check out these shots!

Brown Mountain
Cinder Cone
Crater Lake
Glass Mountain
Honey Lake
Humboldt Bay
Klamath Lake
Klamath Marsh
Lassen Peak
Lower Klamath Lake
Mount Shasta
Whitney Butte

Then every airport is upgraded with 3 D grass, PeopleFow, CreatureFlow, StaticFow, custom modelled hangars and much more

Then we have a whole bunch of never before seen textures fully annotated

Tim has modelled a beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and brand new Bay Bridges.

We have made the region fully compatible with Aerosoft San Franciso X, as well as FlightBeam's KSFO.

We then have the new 3D lighting systems, the first for a region, for incredible lighting without FPS loss

Add to that hand-placed landclass created by two people for every single square kilometre, much better than any OSM based LC

Finally add Holger's exemplary roads, rivers, coastlines, railways and his impeccable eye for detail.
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Unknown said...

These shots as usual are stunning!

I've been awaiting this region for some time. I'm glad to see it's now moving clearly ahead.
I'm crossing my fingers moving a state or two east will happen in the not too distant future.

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