Monday, September 16, 2013

Metroliner now on Pre-sale!

FSX. You can't have it but you can buy it. Introducing the Razbam Pre-Release sale of the Metroliner SA227-BC Turboprop aircraft. The aircraft will be ready for release in 45 days but for the first time ever, they are allowing customers to order the aircraft today at a reduced price. The sales price for the Metro III will be priced $50USD, but for those who order the aircraft now will have a $10 discount which is 20% off the sales price. Those who pre-order will also receive a flyable and fully operational Beta version in 20 days. Only the most advanced gauges like the weather radar will not be available until released.

If you are interested, go to the RAZBAM store and click on the Metro III icon. Please be advised that at this time no download link will be available until the Beta version is ready. You will be able to upgrade the full version free of charge.
The following features will be available in the Beta:
 * Pax and Cargo load manager
 * 3d Virtual cockpit with over 90% functionality.
 * 10 liveries
 * Paintkit
 * User Manual
This Pre-Release offer is available only at RAZBAM online store
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wideloadwhitford said...

alehead said...

I think I would sooner wait until it has released to market. I have been stung enough times with pre-purchase and the like...

Even more of a pig in a poke than the RTM...

I'll be waiting for an ADX review for example :)


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