Sunday, September 8, 2013

LHSimulations Budapest released!

FSX. The FSX version of LHSimulations Budapest has finally arrived. It's been a year in the making and this extraordinary team has done an absolutely amazing job in bringing Budapest to life! I have been all over this scenery the past week and I have to say, it's the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. But of course, I will get into that very extensively in my upcoming review to be published this week. For now, this is what you need to know. There is all new technology in this scenery that will blow you away, and my frame rates were between 30-40 with the NGX. So you will deffo have a good time. What are you waiting for? Buy it now!! And yes, it works with P3D.
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Others will try. But there's only 1 ADX!
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Richárd Dobos said...

I absolutely agree, one of the best sceneries ever made. Framerates are high, the quality is like the top deveplopers' (Flightbeam, Flytampa), the price is reasonable, innovation everywhere. Thanks LHSim for putting Budapest back to the FS map!

Marcus Nyberg said...

Wonderful! When is the fs2004 coming? Any time schedule on that?

alehead said...

Looks good... is it only available via their own site with PayPal?

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