Sunday, September 15, 2013

LHSim Budapest now on Simmarket!

FSX/P3D. LHSimulations Budapest airport is now available on Simmarket. It's the scenery I personally hail as the most beautiful ever created. More good news is that the team has just released an update that addresses several issues so be sure to download the update. And if you haven't already, head out and get your copy of this amazing scenery!

We have released a patch for the Budapest scenery, so the actual version is changed to 1.01. If you have already purchased the scenery, then you can log in to the webshop, press Profile button, press Purchased products button. There you can find a patch which should be installed on the top of the already installed 1.0 version, or you can download the complete 1.01 installer but than you have to uninstall the version 1.0 first.

The changes are the following:

Version 1.01
- Apron lights were ON during daytime. This is corrected now.
- Activator program : dll.xml writer now creates the file in windows1252 characterset
- Activator program : Corrected false error 309 message in case of 32 bit OS
- Activator program : Improved diagnostic possibility.
- Volumetric grass was erased from firefighting station parking and T1 Parking.
- Volumetric grass got LOD's
- Some minor correction in light system
- At Gate39 default pushback and service cars erased
- One tree at Terminal 2 was in the air.
- Some taxiway ground lines were "smoothed"

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Sid said...

Really looking forward to ADX live on this!

Anonymous said...

Obviously not the most amazing scenery....lets do not exaggerate. Helsinki, southampton just to name a few a way better than this one. Even though the airport looks good.

Unknown said...

Just made a flight there from Vienna, I can't tell how good this scenery looks at night.

DAndre Newman said...

All differences of opinion of course ;)

Unknown said...

I disagree Kaman, one of the most beautiful sceneries ever made. And the performance is unbelievable. Helsinki is outstanding too, but this one is at least the same level if not better. The only problem is there is not so much hype around this one. If it were Narita or Salt Lake city in this quality there would be tons of comments saying WOW!

Dave W said...

It truly amazes me the detail and effort that goes into these airports and all tend to retail for 20-30 euros.

I don't know if it is within ADX's remit but I would love to see a post on the economics of addons - difficult I know, because of market sensitivities etc but I would love to know how many units of each addon sell and what the break even point is...

Since buying Aerosoft's Airbus I have been buying European airports like a drunken sailor! This one is definitely on the list


Dave W

Airspeed said...

It really is a great scenery. I have been using the LH simulations freeware and picked up their first payware scenery (LHPR which they are updating) and now this gem (LHBP). LH Sim have really proven themselves and Budapest is a top notch scenery.

alehead said...

Good to see it somewhere else... I hate PayPal as a payment service... simmarket at least gives me more options...


Unknown said...

Hi Andre...I am having issues with this scenery and can't get help. All jetways nothing else. All I see are jetways. Can't access the LH webpage and not getting any response from them to help me. Do you know a fix? Thanks Mate.

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