Friday, September 6, 2013

LHSim Budapest. Final Exclusive!

FSX/P3D. Indeed it's the final exclusive of LHBP on ADX. We have been following the development for a year. Hard to believe! And finally it's on it's way to you. The differences about these shots are they are from my own system. I also wish I could say I am at a loss of words but in fact it's quite the opposite. I can't wait to spill all I have to say about this amazing scenery. But I must hold my words for the review. So for now, enjoy my shots of LHSim Budapast! And stay tuned for my review already in progress!

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Richárd Dobos said...

I think these guys made the greatest leap forward in development this year. Amazing work in every aspect, can't wait until tomorrow night.

Anders Halstæd said...

Does anyone know if this will be DX10 compatible?

Richárd Dobos said...

No, the developers said it will not be compatible.

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