Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A_A shadow work...

FS9/FSX/P3D. A_A Sceneries is back with another update on the upcoming Kuala Lumpur scenery. One effect he is working with is the volume shadow technique that clearly shows the shadows of the light poles falling on the terminal. According to the developer though, unfortunately, the penalty of this is tremendous and as such will not be implemented in the final work. I respect the effort of exploring with new techniques.

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Ypaul123 said...

Looking very realistic. too bad the location isn't as attractive :(
Common guys, the more quality US airport models we have, the better.

Unknown said...

No, we need more quality Asian airports like he is doing as there are very few!

tnoller said...

Pretty attractive location from my angle as it realistically compliments the Emirates 777 routes from Dubai to Australia and back.

Unknown said...

No. We need asian airports. US Airports get boring after a while. I want to go somewhere exotic.

mfahey said...

Please more Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa! I also want new parts of the globe to explore. :)

Unknown said...

I have both their Bangkok and Phuket sceneries. The Phuket scenery is quite good, but some of the buildings have textures issues in that there are no textures, but just black:

There are some very serious issues with the runway and taxiway lighting at the Phuket airport at night:

As you can see in the screenshots, the blue taxiway lighting is non-existent on the actual taxiways, and instead, the runway is filled with blue taxiway lights instead of normal white runway edge lights. You can watch a cockpit view of a real 777 landing in Phuket around dusk:

Notice that the runway lighting looks very different than what A_A Sceneries delivers with their product. Otherwise the Phuket airport is very well done, so I find it a great shame that Jirayu doesn't first fix existing scenery before creating something new.

Many users have reported major CTD issues with the Bangkok scenery and I too get the dreaded g2d.dll error at VTBS. Again, I'm not the only one experiencing this error and I can replicate it 100%, so there is definitely a serious problem with the VTBS airport add-on and it makes it completely unusable for me.

Jirayu@A_A Sceneries, please, if you read this, fix these errors as they completely ruin these two existing scenery add-ons from you!

Sid said...

Totally agree with you Jamie, Mark, Mfahey and Tnoller! Every word you all say!

Only someone who has never been there or has no idea about this location could possibly say this is not an attractive location. This is a gorgeous location!!!...

Would be so great to have a newer better quality Singapore Changi hub too one day which is quite nearby.

We need so very many quality South Asian & Indian Subcontinent, Central Asian, South-east Asian, Middle eastern, African and South American quality sceneries.

I also want to fly to more and more exotic places now that they look so good with FTX Global and will look even better soon. Just the cure for boredom of same old airports and flights around US...makes a nice change to keep my interest in simming rejuvenated.

Please keep on doing all of Asia AA Sceneries (so many to choose from - we can always suggest very good options if you need any inspiration) ...You're getting better with each new release and they'll all do well! That's 5 customers for Malaysia's international hub already! Looking god so far :-)

Sid said...

Oops...I meant "Looking good so far"...sorry...was typing in the dark.

Unknown said...

I agree, the developer should fix these issues urgently! The blue taxiway lights that are shown as runway lights at Phuket kill the realism totally with night landings.

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