Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's jet-time! It's Lionheart!

FSX/P3D. Many of us are super excited about Carenado venturing into the biz jet business for the very first time. Even more good news is Lionheart Creations is making the jump as well for the second time and has chosen to add the classic and stylish Lear 23 to join their own Epic Victory! I personally could not be happier about this project and will be following development very closely! Good news indeed as we really need more lite jets to fly into those small Orbx airfields and the like. This is what Bill Ortis had to say:

Note from Bill Ortis:

"I had to take a break from the Panthera. It is a lot of work on the interior and landing gear, all the renderings of shading, etc. So, I started a Lear 23, one I have wanted to do for ages. This is an antique, the first model. Here is a rendering of the exterior. Interior is not finished. Soon I need to get right back to the Panthera."

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