Monday, September 9, 2013

CoolPhat DC-9 freighter released!

FSX. Cargo jocks, get ready! Already a DC-9 owner, but fed up with flying passengers? Then now is your chance to haul some serious freight in the iconic CoolSky DC-9-32CF. But it's not just freighter repaints on the passenger model. You're getting a completely new Cargo Model, with McPhat's signature Ultra High Definition Textures. Not only can you open the main cargo door through the Flight Center's Ground Operations menu, you can also Dispatch pallets (up to 10, like in the real plane) and load them right from within FS. This is the real deal! Get yours now!
ADX>>Billboard updated!
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Albus Cai said...

McPhat graphics are awesome.
Glad to see the comments open!

flynw said...

I want this, looks amazing

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