Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another update from Brandenburg.

FSX/P3D. The race is on! Who will be the first to complete Berlin Brandenburg? Will it be the real world airport? or will it be Aerosoft? Because if LimeSim and 29Palms live up to their names, we just might for the first time in history see a complete airport reach completion before it's real world counterpart. And if this happens, this will put the contractors to further shame. Here are the latest renders.

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Others will try. But there's only 1 ADX!
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Adi Sahar said...

These guys are extremely talented.

Jim Morvay said...

Look'n good! Now here's a question, but more for the airport designer and not the fs designer: What's with the funky towers these days? They look like they're gonna fall over! Arlanda Airport has one as well.

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