Friday, September 13, 2013

And that secret Orbx project is:

FSX/P3D. Wow! You guys are good! Many of you very accurately guessed what the big secret project Orbx announced and John has just given us some insight into what's going on. FTXGlobal Vector is a joint partnership between Orbx and PILOT'S that adds another layer to the complete transformation of your simulator to a whole new world. The key features of FTXG VECTOR are: roads, rivers, lakes, coastlines, railways, power lines, motorways, moving traffic, and corrected airport elevations. Future enhancements in the form of free patches may include ports, docks, graveyards, golf courses, forests and ocean beaches. And the release time is:
ADX>>Billboard Updated!

When: We envisage releasing FTXG VECTOR at the end of October

How much: This single installer upgrading the entire planet with OSM and multiple sourced vector will be only AU$69.95 (€49 / £41 / USD65)!!

So this completes the three main layers of the FTX Global family:

The FTX Global Iceland demo is also due for release at the end of this month.

If you have any questions please ask via the Orbx forum and John and his staff will do their best to answer them over the coming week.

But before you ask:

- Yes it will work with FSGenesis, the meshes are almost identical and FTXG Vector will work with both

- Yes it means you can do away with UTX because FTXG Vector does the same thing, but on a global scale but for a fraction of the cost

- Yes we will be making payware airports for the Iceland demo

- No FTXG Vector does NOT replace or feature more details than our FTX Regions. The biggest differences are a. custom textures native to the region, b. hand-crafted landclass, c. Updated default airports, and d. Photoreal imagery for significant wilderness areas

- FTXG VECTOR is not a large footprint product, it will be less than 5GB because it does not contain textures

- FTXG VECTOR is made specifically for FTX Global - you can't use GEX or FSCene or Default textures with it
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mfahey said...

Fantastic, this is going to be a great enhancement!

Unknown said...

Soo much perfection right there cant wait,

I hope it comes with an un-installer lol (<--- very tongue in cheek joke right there :S)

Drzewiecki Design said...

IMO this are great news. UTX is used probably by the whole community. Even though there is probably no detailed data about all countries, having the whole world enchansed that way for 65usd is a really good offer... and generally superb information. I personally think this is much more important than FTXG alone - even though FTXG does really make a visual difference (tested), it is only a visual difference. Vector features put us much closer to the real thing though.

bstikkel said...

This is great indeed.
The guys of ORBX create a whole new sim around the good old FSX.

A very good thing, I think, is the cooperation with Pilot's now, since there now is a good chance that several meshlevel conflict between FTX addons and Pilot's mesh will be solved in future.

Unknown said...

what i like about Orbx vectors is that it will be an improvement on the UTX offering,Orbx global has already got me flying in different part,s of this world and wanting more,I can not wait for vector,s plus land class,and I will be finally rid of those poor quality Flight1 products,P3d+Orbx = 30fps heaven

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