Sunday, September 15, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Queenstown!

FSX/P3D. Howdie groovers! Well it looks like I am back yet again with another ADX FirstLook this week! I am just amazed at how many releases we have been getting in the past 2 weeks alone. It's absolutely amazing. So many great addons and no other development company had been releasing more addons than Orbx Simulation Systems. Anyone remember back in the day when Aerosoft was at the top release wise? What a change! Orbx is making a strong stance in the market and yet again, they have released another wonderful destination. So climb aboard, we are back down under! Queenstown we go!

Alright, so right off the bat I am going to tell you what I love about this airport: The destination. I happen to love challenging approaches. The more terrain, the better. Add in some obstructing hills and a crosswind and we have a great challenging approach soup! NZQN delivers just perfectly in this regard. Whenever I catch myself holding my breath on an approach, it's going to be a good one! The photoreal terrain is represented perfectly.

Bad touchdown with that crosswind!

I really dig the photoreal building textures all over the airport.
Very high-res!

Plenty of grass and trees fitting for the region.

This is a destination for NGX's and Cessna's!
And I love the shopping center!

Love the detail here.

Here we have the Rugby and Cricket sports center. Waterpark too correct?
The city center of Queenstown looking very well done.

Okay so whereas everything about this scenery either meets or excess my expectations, there were 3 areas that were a disappointment. The first is the parking lot. This is a pet peeve for me and most may not care. But I prefer a parking either hand drawn or a sharp photo. Here looks like the cars are parked on dirt.

The second issue was the worst for me. The ramp textures scream freeware. I know I am not a developer and I am aware of all the hard work that goes into developing an FS scenery. But this just does not cut it for me. I have actually seen better ground texturing in freeware airports to be honest. So even though all the airport models were done so incredibly well and sharp, the ground textures here are really making an effort to cancel out all that hard effort. I wish another Orbx developer had stepped in and gave a hand.

The last bit is the seam where the runway meets the grass. This just bothered me.

So besides those 3 issues, I really love the scenery. I'll be making many sorties between here and Milford Sound. Keep in mind, you will have major terrain issues if you don't have FTX NZSI installed.

As for the night and winter textures, night is very dark but lights do exist where they are supposed to. Winter has snow at the higher elevations but year round, there is no snow at base level.

Besides that, you are sure to have a great time!

Also be sure to catch my live stream covering NZSI on the AirDailyX Twitch channel: ADXLive! [HD]
You will need to fast forward about 40 minutes in. A lot of insight from some members who live in the area.

Get the scenery here:

Happy Flighting!

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Unknown said...

Great stuff there! Both the first look and the scenery.
I have however, if you don't mind, one minor gripe with this scenery (if correct). There seem to be no winter textures. And I read somewhere that OrbX is not planning any other sceneries in NZ.
What a waste, such a beautiful country.
Oh wel now it's Robin's (Corn) turn again ;)
Best, Rob

DAndre Newman said...

There are winter textures but there is only snow at the higher elevations...

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