Monday, September 9, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Juneau!

FSX/P3D. He has done it again. Now before I start, I should say that I highly respect and admire all the Orbx developers. They are all extremely talented! So with that said, I have to say that there is something about Russ White's work that has such a great level of realism to them that they really tend to stand out to me in a very big way. More to the point, besides the extremely crisp terminal textures, there is also another feature here I don't think I have seen before. So let's head up to Alaska in this latest edition of ADX FirstLook as we explore the next Orbx masterpiece: Juneau!

Just a reminder, this is not a review. Simply a first look perspective from a fellow end-user simmer just like you. I find it's better to get an idea of a product besides what you see on the product pages and shops. It's always nice to know if a product is really good or not. So that's why these ADX First Looks come so quickly! Now on to the scenery!

This is the perfect location for flying. Great terrain, great details, great quality. As for the location, it's absolutely perfect. You are free to dig out your brand new A2A 172 or your Airbus A320. Doesn't matter, you are going to have a good time here either way. Besides this, it's a great time and challenge regardless the direct you approach from. And yes, you do wan't the real weather! Now i'll do my best not to show too much, after all, I am sure you want to will want to explore on your own.

In this shot, we are looking directly the final and as you can see, the runway goes off in another direction towards the right. There is no checkerboard here but there are lead-in strobes to assist. There is a sharp right turn downwind just before final. The NGX guys should have hours of fun banging through the crosswinds before touchdown.
 Good looking parking lot full of cars.

 People flowing and all that's stuff...

 The building modeling is perfect.

 The texturing even better!
Looking up close, you see just how smooth the textures here. No pixelation! you can get right on it, and it's very smooth. No blur! This is why I like Russ work. Also like the shadows and lighting effects.
 Trees and grass looking great!
 Even the roof textures were done so well.
 Winter textures look great.

 Highly crisp and sharp ground textures here.

 Nice night lighting!

Now this above shot is what i was referring to when i mentioned something I don't think I have seen before. That is so very realistic!
 And from afar looks perfectly realistic great attention to detail there.
 Dnata operates here?? News to me!

 This runway awaits you!

Overall, this scenery is just superb. It's a great location, offers a good challenge, perfect for VFR operations and also perfect for IFR on visual for those stopping inbound from Seattle and outbound to Anchorage. All the textures are nice and sharp... or shall I say smooth. If you get a FPS hit, simply adjust what you need in the control panel. Otherwise this project was worth the wait and you will surely have a great time with it! Hopefully, these shots have given this scenery justice. So now that you know what you are in for, get cracking!

Great job once again there Russ! You didn't let me down!

Happy Flighting!
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Joshoc said...

Great stuff I look forward to this purchase :)

Chris Strobel said...

Yep she's a bueat. Worth every penny.

fabio said...

I don't know how you manage to file all the news in real time! BTW keep up with your blog, is fantastic!

Manuel said...

Whawww ... thank you for this new shot about Juneau ... Now, I'm certain for buy it !

Sweet Monkey said...

Love it brought it but haven't departed for it yet. May we ask is this a vanilla setting or are you using shade , Sweetfx or enb?
Thx for the awesome impression

DAndre Newman said...


Actually, P3D has it's own built in bloom effects. Just playing around trying to adjust it a bit. EMB is better though I think but I dont have it installed. I don't want things to liik too "bloooomy"...

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