Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ADX FirstLook: A2A/AccuSim C172!

FSX. Okay, so this is not actually an official ADX FirstLook. But quite a few of you have contacted me about whether or not I was going to write up an article on the 172 and whereas I do want to in the future, I am right in between 2 huge reviews with LHSim Budapest and ES Isle of Man. As for the PMDG-777, the reason I did not do a first look with that is: What could I possibly say about that aircraft that wasn't said  all over the internet already? Besides, Clement, Alex, Matt, and myself have covered the 777 quite extensively on Twitch. Speaking of which, I am featuring FrooglePete's experience with the A2A AccuSim C172. I watched live and it was very entertaining including the dead body of a transgender in the 172 cargo hold. You just have to watch it. Trust me! Thanks again for a great time Froogle!

See it all here and be sure to check out all of Froogle's videos! Never a dull moment!  http://www.twitch.tv/frooglepete/b/459069054
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x-wind said...

Its a shame A2A's C172 was released in the shadow of PMDG's 777 - it missed out on the attention and fanfare it deserves. Ive spent countless hours with this addon and I continue to be amazed by the depth of the package. Not sure how they did it, but they've managed to capture the soul of the aircraft - between the high-fidelity systems and the extremely tactile flight dynamics, the plane actually feels like a living/breathing thing. Once you fly it, you will never want to go back to another 172 in FSX again. If you like full procedural general aviation add-ons - the C172 is is for you.

Ypaul123 said...

Froogle is awesome.

Andreas Woerner said...

I am disappointed by A2A Simulations on the C172R : what is this ? I used to fly C172 series aircrafts since the end of the 80s, and this one is definitly no C172: instability around the vertical axis, engine and performance datas doesnt match, no torque and engine effects at all etc.etc. I am sure, someday they bring out a real working release, but for today it looks like an early beta too me. For $50 and from A2A I expected more. I still ask myself, why A2A is risking their reputation on real Pilots for that. Nexttime I wait until the first SPs and Updates comes out, before I buy anything from A2A anymore.

Jessica Lancaster said...

Transgender people are murded just for being who thay are. They could be your son or daughter they are human beings and to think that it ok to laugh at murder victims makes you a parasite

DAndre Newman said...

Anyone can be a murder victim Jessica. You are taking this way too seriously.

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