Sunday, September 8, 2013

A note from BlackBox.

[FSX] "Update as many have been asking. Mucho disruption due to the Death of my Wife recently, But we are still here and still working on the Airbus A320/A330 Updates. Some serious problems in VC Compiling due to added complexity. But these are now fixed or are being fixed. Systems [include a] totally new PFD [and] is almost complete in Airinc format [and] very smooth and vast increase in Frame rates. So thats a "where we are" right now... More info to follow and Update to be released as soon as we can complete and test it. Thanks GW'
I personally would wish to extend my condolences to GW and I wish the all the best to this team. -D'

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Mark D said...

Sorry to hear that you wife passed :( My Sympathy

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