Sunday, August 4, 2013

Update on Narita from WingCreation.

FSX/P3D. Clearly, many of were and many of us were not impressed with the recent pre-release screenshots of Narita from WingCreation. The lead developer has just released the following statement regarding that Narita scenery:

"I'm sorry."

Click for more:

Note from WingCreation:

"I'm sorry.

Regrettable information.

We reached the conclusion that there was a problem in the quality as payware, as for RJAA at present. Therefore, we have to continue development further. Future development is changed into the team which made Fukushima. We aim at the sales start in September."

So it seems the team that was developing Narita was a separate development team from Fukushima project...

The statement is very humble and I personally admire the effort. I look forward to the new developments.

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Mahin Khandaker said...

I think they're doing a great job on RJAA! I don't know why people are saying that "Oh it's not like orbx, fsdreamteam, flytampa, flightbeam should've done RJAA. Why can't we have a good RJAA?" Have you guys actually seen RJAA? Wingcreation is doing a great job with this!

DAndre Newman said...


Where did you read this? People comparing WingCreation to orbx, FSDT etc?

From what I read here on ADX, They were compared against their previous work and compared to now defunct Overland.

The quality is not up to payware standards and looks rushed to echo the sentiments of other ADX readers...

Jack said...

Simple answer, unless Wing Creation steps up their game, they cannot be compared to FSDT, Flightbeam, etc. Their RJAA doesn't even look like it's got decent shadow bakes, something that is standard amongst what are considered the best scenery developers. The gates have no detail to them, as in ULDs, carts, tugs, stuff you always see around a gate. If a dev can't even provide the basics, there should be no surprise when people aren't thrilled.

Kindest Regards. said...

It's funny how people like Mr. Newman who have NEVER developed a single addon, and I am very doubtful he has any skills to do so, can pass such harsh critism on scenery developers.
I don't know whether it's sad or just plain pathetic.

I hope this comment wouldn't be censored.

Mahin Khandaker said...

It's not WingCreations being compared but I feel like all add ons are compared to orbx, FSDT saying that most developers aren't up to standards. I think WingCreations is up with payware

DAndre Newman said...

Harsh critism? Really? Wow you'd think I said the scenery was bad as blueprint....

Hey, do you think film critics have the skills to make the movies they review?

How about those car magazines? Do you think the guys testing the cars could build better ones themselves?

No and no. But their exprience and knowledge of having watched so many movies or driven so many cars, now that's key. The fact that their many years of exprience and attention to detail gives them the sapience to differ and determine what is good and whats not. What products are better than others and what products need improvement.

Do these people always say every film us great? Or every car is perfect? Have you never seen a movie trailer and thought to yourself: "That movie doesn't look good" ? Did you express this thought to your friends or family?

Every come accross a product you new was not of good quality? Did you buy it anyway and recommend it to others based on the notion that you could have not done a better job yourself?

Its comments like yours that remind me there are teenagers patrolling this blog sometimes. Because clearly you lack simple common sense.

So sure, ill publish your comment but ill also school you in the process. Weather I can do a better job or not developing a product is not the issue. Its my years of exprience using and testing products that give me the ability to determine if a product is up to modern payware quality. If you dont understand this, go back anf play FS2002. Because you can create a better simulatior right?

DAndre Newman said...

Oh and you are welcome for this free blog and news you get every day. You show up to critise me for what I say here? Can you do a better job? Where is your website?

There, now you are guilty if the same BS you have just accused me of.

Jack said...

To Kindest Regards,

So what...people aren't allowed to have an opinion? I'm all up for giving developers a chance, I've defended several developers on many occasions. But when a developer is asking people to pay money for a product that is nowhere near current standards, then they get whatever criticism is headed for them.

I think it's fair enough to hold developers to the same standard as FlyTampa, FSDT, or Flightbeam. They have set the bar and that is what people expect now. Not only that, those developers set that bar without charging an outrageous price. Most FlyTampa sceneries range from $30-40 USD and you get an amazing product. If Wing Creations wishes to charge that price for this RJAA, then I think it's only right to develop a product with the bells and whistles people have come to expect.

That said, who are you to criticize someone's opinion with the argument of not having a developer skill set? That is the most pathetic attack on someone's opinion. Reality is that this is payware, and people are entitled to their opinions, good or bad, if they are going to pay for this. I agree with a point that says if you are unhappy with a product, don't buy it, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't give their feedback. Developers should want good and bad feedback to know what they can do better next time to sell their product.

It isn't to be mean or disrespectful to a developer, but this is a marketplace, and the consumers must be allowed to speak.

Commander-AUT said...


"That is the most pathetic attack on someone's opinion."

You are totally right, but sadly that's a very common flowery phrase normally used by frustrated first generation of german developers, who never had learned to deal with customers feedback, correctly!

Kindest regards said...

For the record, Mr. newman - I am very appreciative of this website. It is far FAR better than pretty much the rest of the FS sites, including avsim and
I have been visiting this site a lot (more than 5 times a day to be honest) and bought addons clicking on ads from this site (if that matters)

I think you should be a little more subtle with your reviews of sceneries, even if they don't look good compared to others.

DAndre Newman said...

You have got to be kidding me. As a famous Disney character once said: "Lie down before you hurt yourself."

It's funny how you said in your first comment: "I hope this comment wouldn't be censored." Which was simply a means for me to allow you to express your opinion just to tell me how not to express my own opinions on my own blog.

And you think I should be more subtle in my reviews? What does my reviews have to do with my comments here? Have you even read any of my reviews?

As Jack has stated above, if a developer chooses to charge money for a product... scrap that. If anyone chooses to charge money for any kind of product they should ensure the quality of said product is up to industry standards.

WingCreation has proven they have this skill but clearly this skill was not implemented in Narita.

You say you visit several times a day but clearly you have no clue how things work here.

I should be more subtle with my reviews?

Yet another person who clearly missed the famous "Insolent" term in our slogan at the top of the page warning readers in advance of our modus-operandi.

I don't mean to bust your balls but stop busting mine...

Sid said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Jack and DAndre.

I agree with every word you've both just said on the matter.

Noone is deliberately trying to be mean to anybody here. Some people deliberately confuse the issue, read more than what's written and use generic statements and misplaced emotion without reading individual comments, opinions and reviews for what they actually specifically say and its only right to be schooled when they lack such abilities yet. Its all about review, constructive feedback, being able to support developers that we'd very much like to support fairly in a consumer marketplace and that does have some standard basic principles and rules in any marketplace that exists.

Ultimately the wallet is the only last voice but blogs and forums like this one give consumers, developers and reviewers one space to speak openly, honestly and debate issues in a more constructive way that keeps doors potentially open for longer in order to result in a better outcome for all involved in this industry/community. That is a wonderful thing, not to be criticised. We all have differing opinions, that's human nature, isn't it? There's nothing wrong with that. What Wing Creations has said here by listening to fair and constructive criticism is to realise the cost of a product must be proportional to its true value/quality in a marketplace. And they've reacted in such a fair, humble and positive manner that I also can only find new respect for them as a developer. They deserve credit for how many developers do that? Orbx also did it with FTX Global development but there's only a handful who would also react in such a welcome and positive manner to let us help them and build their reputations. They have proved that the issue is not one of laziness at all and that they do adhere to the basic principles and long for customer satisfaction in their product and reputation. As a result of this simple and honest action, I for one withdraw my refusal to buy Narita from them and will most definitely wait to see the finished version with fresh eyes before making judgement and decision but I am now very hopeful that I can fairly support them by purchasing Narita when it is released at a fair payware quality/price. I think its been a productive debate for all of us concerned and to everybody's (including the developer's) betterment in the main.

Cheers all,

DAndre Newman said...

And im glad you like the site. I may not be able to develop my own FS products but keeping this blog going with Dom is the least I can do co contribute to our small worldwide community. :)

cj said...

I checked this website everyday. It is updated constantly and I appreciate what you do. It saves me lots of time to look up what new sceneries are out. I would be lost without it. Just thought you needed something nice to hear.

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