Friday, August 16, 2013

SimWings La Palma!

FSX. Uggghhhh... news is so dead this month! In conducting today's search, I came across a few more shots of SimWings La Palma in progress. These were actually posted by the team earlier last month but we missed them. So yes, the project is still underway, but at a much slower pace we are used to from the team. Remember the good old days when SimWings would release entire packages of airports? Those days are long gone...

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Brad said...

Im abit confused...this is Simwings? Arent Simwings doing Heathrow X 2013 too? Is it me or by contrast worlds apart in quality????

Both are still in development i get this but i have been really disappointed with the X series of the new Canary Islands..and surely Tenerife should have been at the forefront of this series??? Im abit baffled...!??!

Pirx said...

I am waiting for this one, then I will sum this to El Hierro airport.

Good strips to make with a Q400, a PMDG 737 600 or a Metroliner...

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