Saturday, August 24, 2013

Polish Airports vol.1 FS9 imminent!

FS9. The product page is now online which means Polish Airports vol.1 for FS9 is now imminent. FS9 is also the platform I personally be using these sceneries in. They get great performance in P3D, but the heavy European airports I will flying from don't... They say the FS9 user base is shrinking, but it's still larger than the X-Plane user base. And that's saying something.
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James said...

Sorry - not relevant but Taxi2Gate MMMX imminent!

Pan Kasztan said...


FS9 Die Hard User aka Francisco X. said...

"They say the FS9 user base is shrinking, but it's still larger than the X-Plane user base. And that's saying something." Tell Aerosoft about that, each Project they announce get's the same
QA FS9? NO, not enough customer end of discussion, yet they reléase they're airpors for X-Plane... WTF?

Back on topic, really expecting this reléase as well as New York City & Airports.

DAndre Newman said...

My thoughts on this subject is as follows: Aerosoft decided to ditch their own effort of developing a home grown simulator, by hedging their bets on Lamanar Research with hopes it will, in time, dominate the FS market considering Microsoft has pulled out and X-Plane is already established to a point.

But with LM working on a x64 P3D application, X-Plane will slowly overcome FS9 but will still only be second base by a very large margin as it always has been behind MSFS.

So what I believe Aerosoft to be doing is spending considerable resources in an attempt to assist Laminar in an effort to grow it's customer base.

Weather or not this position of efforts is fruitful I have no idea. But I will say this, if X-Plane is so good, why are only a half of a handfull of FS9/FSX developers developing for it?

Francisco X said...

Never thought about Aerosoft position in that way, if sometime I feel combative will ask on their forums.

I am hoping to make the jump directly to P3D as soon as it supports x64 and DirectX 11.

No answer for that last question though. But as long as developers like Drzewiecki Design, Tropicalsim, LatinVFR, Taxi2Gate, FlyTampa, and many more continue supporting FS9, will not miss Aerosoft releases.

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