Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PMDG-777 Start to finish!

FSX. Nope it still ain't out yet chaps. The beta teams are still swimming all over this bird. For the most part, we have tried not to post on each and every freaking video that gets posted. but this one shows nearly 40 minutes worth of information from cold&dark, to take off, to landing. it's all there. So maybe you can dream it's YOU flying it! LOL!

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James said...

I wouldnt have wanted to be in that van

V1Rotate said...


Im already burnt out on this from all the vids. Thanks for saving me eighty bucks or so.

BruceL said...

This is an unjust torment.
Seriously, PMDG.. just tell us the status of the beta testing progress.
I am sick of coming here every day praying to see the article that you have released this amazing ADDON.

P.S - I'm not a fan boy, but I have always wanted a PMDG level 777 so I'm really anxious about it.

Thank you,


mleuck said...

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I am at the point on not caring. The release will be anti-climatic and God knows the price tag for this. Is it really worth it?

Mark H said...

I think I will pay PMDG by 730 daily payments.

Mosh36 said...

Calm down friends, as you can read it now in the avsim forum the release date will be in around three days.

BruceL said...

stop making stuff up please

Cessna 172 said...

The last two weeks have been such a tease!

Cessna 172 said...

The nose seems to drop somewhat on approach once the A/P is turned off (see 37:10). I've actually noticed this with a few different 777 beta videos. Does anyone know if this is a bug?

Weston Hall said...

Sound gets mixed up with inline video why is everyone trying to find each and every bug it is pmdg and it will be a awesome addon

DCCLXXVI said...

"it is pmdg and it will be a awesome addon"

That doesn't mean that their aircrafts are free of bugs.

MD-11 still have some annoying bugs, NGX does have at least one, too.

As long as PMDG are human, they will make errors and if we look close, we'll probably find them.;)

Cap n Crunch said...

No that's correct. Its a special version developed for Asiana Airlines training.

Red dog said...

If its doesn't get released on a Thurs or Fri give it another week,
Im sure they're aware that most simmers have more time on the weekends

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