Saturday, August 3, 2013

Next on deck from Virtavia!

FSX/P3D. It's the classic B-29! Virtivia which is the old AlphaSim company is really releasing a lot of developments lately. Now whereas they used to be known as a very high quality developer, their methods seem to be falling a bit behind these days.Their works do indeed look good, but could be much better exotically in the VC department. This would get an A+ grade in FS9, but in FSX, sort of B-ish on the textures... But, looks good. Thanks to Adi Sahar for the tip!
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Ipeefreely said...

I have to say that looks pretty good actually

adi518 said...

Thanks for the credit lol..

anyway, cockpit actually looks good, sibwings quality imo. I just hope they'll make a really nice glass reflection effect.

DAndre Newman said...

I don't mean to say it looks bad. Only that its really not up to par with the advancements we are seeing these days. Im getting the feeling this team is getting left behind...

adi518 said...

let's wait and see.. it seems they aim high with this one.

adi518 said...

A little digging and I found out Virtavia has actually bought this pre-made model from "PIXLCREATIVE", check it out:

The B-29 Superfortress is a legendary aeroplane and so client ‘Virtavia Pty Ltd’ required a legendary representation. The pre-supplied model received UVW mapping and expert painting services. Every detail, rivet and marking has been replicated perfectly onto the B-29 allowing it to dominate the skies once more.


2D artwork created in Photoshop.

3D model preparation performed in 3ds Max.

Bump, specular, reflection and diffuse maps all created at 2048×2048 resolution and optimised as DDS textures.

VRay used to create promotional images.

All content supplied ready for use and integrated into the Microsoft Flight Simulator engine.

This pretty much approves it's going to be really high quality and quite a step-up from their previous offerings. :D

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