Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Metroshots!

FSX/P3D. I am really excited about this project. One of the reasons, it will be very good to have a good mid-range propliner that is more simple to get flying than the MJC Q-400 and still satisfy my need for something to do my island hoping with. Weather it be the Haiwaian Islands, the Caribbean, or the Azores. This is sure to be a fun ride! And easy on frames too! (No screens!) Here are the latest.

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fridberg said...

I hope they will include Air Iceland livery.

Todd said...

I can't wait for this one. Looking very nice. Hopefully will be able to exchange the default GNS530 for the upcoming MindStar unit.

Milroy said...

i am realy excited about this project can't wait to get my hands on this plane we have waited a long time for this type aircraft to be made at rate of quality.

Merlin said...

Looking good! Nice VC!

Andreas Woerner said...

Me, too! Looks great so far and I am optmistic on that: it doesnt look like they build in on some static RNAV equipment on the panel shots (that will ruin their product, either).

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