Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moheli FMCI / ADX First Look

Air Austral is actually not desserving this airport (yet ?!).
The company has chosen to serve Comores Prince Said Ibrahim HAH. 
FSX. First payware from ASDG, Africa scenery design. Mohéli Bandar es Eslam, in Comoria, is really not a bad choice. Very few sceneries in this region, besides Reunion and Mayotte island, mainly by France Touristique Sceneries. The only problem... is that this company has ceased its operations since last december.

File size : 62 MB
Version tested : FSX
Manual : 1 page in English (no charts).
Framerate : excellent
So its (just) a first payware from ASDG, so we are not expecting a high end scenery. But the developer truly handled a lot of FSX features and effects : specific autogen, road traffic, static objects, and most of all, very effective textures on buildings. Mohéli Bandar includes a few eye-candies and, interestingly, has a runway length of approximately 4 200 feets.
I tested the scenery Under Orbx FTX global but unfortunately, the combination does not really work. It's technically compatible but FTXG creates a main road that is crossing ASDG scenery. Textures don't fit very well neither. Maybe a version 2 could fix this, since the scenery has almost been released the same time than FTXG.
Despite a few weaknesses (the photoreal ground texture around the runway has a really poor resolution), this work is really promising. The developer really masters texturing technics and has developed very good 3D buildings. The main terminal, although small, is astonishing.






The photoreal ground layer is really poor.









ASDG Mohéli Bandar with Orbx FTXG...

. ... and FTXG Global alone.







Amazing work on this terminal !





ADX First Look / August 8th / DM


Flying Squirrel said...

If this was my own payware release I would cringe at seeing the photo with the scenery half-covering the road:


Seriously, payware, and you have amazing 3D building skills and then somehow can't build in an exclude for that road?

Anonymous said...

The guys of ASDG announced that they will also do the main airport

Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport

Both for FSX and FS2004

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