Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MCA Designs to join Orbx!

[FS Market]. Misha Cajic, founder of MCA Designs (NA vol.1), has announced by a communique that he is to join Orbx team. "I am therefore announcing that my scenery will now be released under the Orbx banner". Full explanations here.


Hello everyone,

As a lot of you know the community has given a very good response to my scenery, NA Airstrips Vol1. I enjoyed making the package and was glad to see people enjoying it so much. Now for the next package, I was proposing to add many new features and increase the quality tremendously. Last night, I suddenly realized that I am way overestimating what I can do on my own and the time I have to do it in. The FS community is putting so much pressure onto me to innovate and include lots of the new technologies. I thought I would be able to learn all this and do it myself. But the truth is I am a 15 year old student with about 1 and a half years of scenery design experience and I don’t have the knowledge to be able to meet the expectations of the community in 2013.

There are many things which I would like to implement into my sceneries which I also cannot because of the lack of knowledge and the time to learn it. I have continuously improved and refined my skills, and will continue to do so, but the skills required to implement new technologies into my sceneries will just take up too much of my time to learn, and of course as a student, scenery design is not my primary focus at the moment.

I am therefore announcing that my scenery will now be released under the Orbx banner. This is personally the best choice for me and it poses huge benefits both for my customers and for me. They have all their technologies and libraries ready for use and overall working with them will shorten development time of my sceneries, and at the same time improve them by implementing the technologies into my scenery that the FS community expects in 2013. I understand that this will come as a shock to my customers and people who were looking forward to Volume 2 of NA Airstrips. Even though I now work under Orbx, I will still try to create all the airports that I listed for Volume 2.
I will obviously continue to sell and fully support my NA Airstrips Volume 1. It will still be available from PCaviator, no changes there. I hope that the community understands my decision and will continue to support me the way that they have so till now. I really must give a huge thank you to the community, and most of all, my customers, for getting me to where I am. It’s a great time to be in the hobby J

Misha Cajic


Kevin Firth said...

I think this is a great decision from almost any angle. Misha's choice displays a great maturity for someone only 15yrs old, and I think he's made the right call. Credit to Orbx as well for being open enough to take on talent wherever it is found.

Rustam said...

Judging from quality of his scenery, I would offer this to Mischa myself. But, anyway, it seems to be a logical although a well-expected leap forward for a 15 y.o. student... My kudos to Mischa and congrats to the Orbx team!!!

Congrats! said...

Where's the like button?

xavierp said...

I would never expected the developper of MCA to be 15 years old. I am very impressed. GReat sceneries...very well written and mature comments.
Orbx certainly made a wide decision there.
Looking forward to see your work with orbx tools at your disposal and will happily support ya.

Graeme said...

Good to hear that Misha was able to put well being ahead of anything else and make that decision now, before the stress of trying to bare the burdon of the over expectation and pestering the community tends to place on such things. Last thing you want to be worrying about and letting destroy your enthusiasm that early in life.

Unfortunately I guess it'll be the end of us getting three great airports for $19.95 like we had in volume 1. $98.85 for three now? ;)

Todd said...

I am very impressed with this young man and wish him the best. Smart move.


Misha Cajic said...

Thanks for understanding guys :)

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