Friday, August 9, 2013

Mirage panel shots!

FSX/P3D. Carenado has upped a few more shots of the upcoming Mirage currently in development. This time, the team has also uploaded a few shots of the VC panel. The fact that there aren't many display screens means this baby should have better FPS than it's PA46T predecessor.
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Mr. A said...

These guys just pump out this stuff...

Chris Strobel said...

Ok assuming they get the FDE close I'm pumped. The PA46T with Stolle's FDE and the wood panel and Garmin mods is one of my favs for FSX GA.

Rustam said...

Chris, can you share the wood panel and Garmin mods with me? You can write me to simurqq at google mail dot kom. :) Thanks!

Chris Strobel said...

Just go to Avsim library and type in search 'Malibu Mirage' Both mods will be on the first page that comes up in normal view mode.


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