Saturday, August 24, 2013

MilViz/ERS Bell 407. Progress continues.

FSX/P3D. Taking another look a the 407. Now the Nemeth Hind might be an awesome quality model, bit it's the MilViz Bell 407 that's at the top of my helicopter list this year. The texture shots are great and the night lighting even better! This will surely be a great release to the large list of aircraft addons MilViz is cranking out! Also stay tuned to my Stuka FirstLook coming later today.

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CGaft said...

It's just eye candy!
Will it have real aerodynamics like: Dissymmetry of Lift, Vortex Ring State,Translational Lift, Retreating Blade Stall....answer NO!
Go buy the DCS UH-1 if you want a "real" sim heli....fsx is crap for real heli aerodynamics!

Hotdog said...

Certainly not a lack of whiners on this blog?

Immature comments aside, these screens are breathtaking! Some simmers seem to think that because the vision of the developers and their own are not exactly the same, that a product will be of inferior quality. A helicopter model in FSX does not need to model vrs or rbs to make it a "realistic" model. FSX does a great job for a large majority of the flight model profile (where most users operate operate in any case).

This is an entertainment hobby (not a training one, get over it), and as long as the model (helo or fixed wing) and the surrounding environment manage to capture that magic & feel of real flight, it has succeeded.

To the original poster, if you can't say something nice...

Todd said...

And you know this how?

CGaft said...

I can read & search the web for info:)

CGaft said...

"capture that magic & feel of real flight, it has succeeded"
but sadly it won't capture the feel of real heli flight...:(

alehead said...

Well, the Dodosim is certainly up there in terms of realsitic simulation within the limitations of such an engine...

Anyway, what exactly is your point CGaft? Are you saying that all dev teams should stop work on helicopters, just because the realism factor is not going to be there at a level most users would hopelessly fail when trying to fly them?

No fixed based sim has a cat in hell's chance of capturing the feel of a real helicopter flight... for that you are going to have to take RW lessons... it is all about degrees of immersion.

If DCS UH-1 does it for you, then you would be better off staying with it and keeping your comments to yourself. Perhaps a simple "what do you plan on simulating in terms of helicopter specific phenomena such as ring vortex state and so on?" might have got you a better response to your current tack...


Hotdog said...

I have some playtime on a military helicopter sim, and surprisingly it did not model all these aerodynamic effects, as it was not the purpose of the simulator. I don't agree with your comment on the feel of real heli flight. "Feel" can in many cases be subjective, but is probably dependent on the way the simulator reacts to control movements, and the feedback one gets back from the simulator. Although I enjoy flying the DCS UH-1, I also enjoy flying helo's in the ARMA series. One could argue that the ARMA flight model does not come close to that of a real helicopter, but the "feel" of flight can be quite good with a full controller setup.
I used to feel like you with regards to realism, and would critisize products that did not take the hardcore approach. I have realised that my expectations were not realistic, and today I am enjoying PC simulators a lot more as I embrace what is available.
I also learned over the years that the hardcore crowd is a very vocal minority that cannot sustain the flightsim market financially. We need all these products for our hobby to survive whether you like it or not. The mainstream developer today could be the hardcore developer tomorrow, or they may draw in more customers that will boost the viability of the flightsim market. Negativity does not serve the flightsim community well at all.

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