Tuesday, August 27, 2013

McCool Fokker-50 update!

FSX. I got to wake up to a nice chuckle why doing the usual rounds for news before my coffee. McPhat Studios has released a statement detailing the current project status of the Fokker-50 in development. As I mentioned previously, the exterior looks phenomenal and if the CDU render is any indication of what the virtual cockpit will look like, this very will could be the next MJC-Q400 in terms of quality, systems, and performance! Check out what the team had to say:
ADX>>Billboard updated!

Note from McPhat:

"Some news outlets (not naming names, but it rhymes with bairmaily..;)) wondered what's going on with the Fokker 50 and why updates have slowed down since a very fast start.

One of the reasons is because the exterior is done and we're working full speed on the VC which takes a LONG, LONG time as everything is handpainted, so we can match specular- and bump maps precisely. Most developers don't utilize all three maps on the interior, but we do.

What is more important, is that we have a new inhouse programmer and we're testing possibilities to implement a FMC in the X-PLANE version of the Fokker 50, which wasn't the plan when we fist launched the project.

So, with that being said, here's a render of the UNS-1Lw.

Have fun, and fire away them questions!"

You can ask any questions you may have to the team on the McPhat Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/mcphatstudios?hc_location=stream
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