Wednesday, August 21, 2013

M2M F-15E avionics upgrade released!

FSX. The long awaited avionics upgrade for the Metal2Mesh F-15E Munden has finally arrived. New upgrades and features include: New hi-resolution textures, updated custom Sounds by MSS, new HUD modes, upgraded avionics/DDIs, updated navigation and UFC functions, realistic APG-70 Radar system with AA and AG Radar modes found on the actual aircraft, realistic terrain following radar display, air to air refueling and more. It's not free though, $15.00 get's you outfitted!
Developer update enclosed.
From the developer: 

OK! Guys, we have been saying that this is for FSX ONLY. We have not tested it in P3d. This is NOT for DCS. This is an upgrade for the Iris F-15E Mudhen Driver, which M2M owns the Model, Effect, ect.

 This A/C is Tacpack friendly as in the NVGs and the "pickle" switch only work right now. Full Integration will be down the road a ways. The missiles DO NOT track. When SDK is release we will include the GUN as an update to start bringing the F-15E to Tacpack. Full Integration will be with the F-15E 2.0 which will be a complete overhaul from the ground up with Tacpack incorporated. 

 But the cool thing about the AU is that if you purchase this upgrade you will be automatically upgraded to the new version once it becomes available!

 Please note that this is a stepping stone to bigger and greater things. 

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alehead said...

This upgrades the IRIS F15E model... a little confusing, but I understand that M2M own the addon... I cannot see where IRIS come into this...

But M2M will be improving it and bringing out the F15E Mudhen V2 which will have VRS TacPack enabled. I do not fully understand whether TacPack will be integrated or integrateable (ie requiring the separate purchase of TacPack for it to work...)

Certainly will look good though...


Sundog said...

M2M originally modeled this for Iris. Then M2M took the license back, is upgrading it now, and will completely rework it in the future.

alehead said...

Cheers Sundog...


IFR4000 @ AvionTEq said...

Thanks for the update and for sharing the photos!

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