Saturday, August 17, 2013

iFly with an update! SP3.2

FS9/FSX. Many may argue it was the last great aircraft for FS9. Many will say it's a great alternative to PMDG. Everyone will tell you it comes with impressive quality and systems. Well this week, the team released yet another update for the bird and I must say I am personally impressed with the level of service for a product that was released quite a long time ago. Good on 'ya iFLY!
Fix List.
Hold dual lines, direct to fix not dropped
NPS indicators versus FD Bars
Set DH BARO/RADIO in single digits
Issue with DF leg disappear on some STAR
FS2004 2x Cargo green lights not work when pressing test.
Config Manager save/load templates
RWY select in CDU removes indication from ND
Navigraph CDU IDENT’s, ND Symbols
Engine Cross bleed restart
WPT reposition under certain scenario on ND
Prepar3D exception error. FSDT JFK
ND Drawing issue with some RF legs
Increased number of ‘apptrs’ pages on CDU
New navdata speed format xxxA/ and xxxB/
Wing Ice system logic during T/O
HUD mode Symbology
Invalid Entry» on Fix Page (multi options)
RNP Approach LNAV/VNAV performance adjustments
CRZ WIND entry and fuel usage calculations
Windshear aural warning did not always reset blocking Altitude callouts
Added RMI, FLAP, Clock Gauges —Pro Version
Move/resize gauge options — Pro Version
entry at PERF INIT R3/R4 will light up the EXEC key
SFP data was not sent to Client – Pro Version
Landing gear horn F15-gearup
DUAL CMD ILS activation refined
AutoBrake — Manual Landing refined
Early DECEL Point & VREF and FAF Approach Speeds
RNP Approach VNAV Path Descent
ND Range Rings and LIDO
iFly config updated
CRZ DES & DES NOW logic refined
Certain PERF inputs should not Delete after EXEC
ILS Deviation Scales refined
Pro Client versus FSX ND magenta Drawing
FS9: Loss of System B — No ALT flap
Available Max Reverse Thrust increased
IRS display in HDG/STS mode
Creating reference points based on transition waypoints
ND Bearing Pointers
Switching between pth and spd descent mode effects the target speed .M value on CDU
EFIS APP and VOR mode displays corrected
ALT INTV and alt restriction on CDU legs page
Early descent before TOD
SLP3 and low cruise
FS9 HUD brightness (Can’t be fixed is a FS9 limitation)
Screen ILS disagreement
CDU Hold Constraint Display
CBE Conditional Waypoint
TOGA pitch mode not reverting to ALT ACQ
MCP heading gets synchronized when arming VOR/LOC
Manually entered waypoints get deleted after over flight
DES path refined
ERASE button on DES FORECAST page added
HECA no curve
FS9 700ER switch bug
PAVD with the NAKED5 departure
APP mode with no ILS signal available
NPS pointers
T/D and Thrust Control
MCP approach mode bugs
CLR scratchpad Button
Updated procedure introduction pdf included
Low Airspeed logic refined for Take Off
Red Bars will only appear after approx. 5 seconds from gear sensors detect airborne
The Yellow band will only appear ones you move the flaps selector
ADI 60’ reference
Corrected certain texture and model files
ND Drawing issues
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peter said...

great aircraft by ifly ,will this service pack work for P3d as well or will we have to wait for flight1 pro to sort it out on their other site ,seems a daft idea to me fsx ver,s on one site and the P3d vers on another

Nothing to see here said...

Any idea what the update contains? I'm not a customer (FSX/PMDG for me) but I'm curious, as their update announcement is hidden for non-customers.

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