Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aerosoft A318/19 panel shots!

FSX/P3D. Yes, indeed! The Aerosoft developers are hacking away at the latest family of Airbuses to join the Extended group. Just showing off a few features. I am hopeful the team can get it out by Christmas but we still have yet to see the exterior shots... Have a look!
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Brad said...

I had no idea the systems were so far drifted from the A320/A321

I mean i understand the aircraft exterior models would need developing but the systems and flightdeck???

cloudswimmer said...

They maka mo betta

Todd said...


The systems aren't very different. They're just incorporating more features into the A318/319 package. Once they release those, those same new features will be released in a SP for the A320/321. The details can be had in the Airbus Xtended forums.


Hugo Sala said...

I hope the PFD colors will be adjusted.... those ones don't look like the real one at all !!

cloudswimmer said...

They look pretty spot on to me. Is your monitor calibrated properly? Here is an A319 cockpit shot for reference.

The older revision A320's did have a different hue pfd, but Aerosoft are modeling the newer aircraft.

Cessna 172 said...

Wing flex?

ALX WNT said...

Am i the only unfortunate son who has framerate issues with Extended ?

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