Monday, August 19, 2013

Adelaide. Another shot!

FSX. Okay my hiccup. So when I came across these Adelade shots, my first impression was I wanted to see the buildings up close. On further digging I did find some more shots, but according to the developer who contacted me, apparently those other shots were from an older version of the scenery and that this version is completely new from the ground up. He sent us 1 extra shot too! So far, very good work!

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ALSG X-plane said...

ground decals's seamless textures are a little apparent, hopefully they fix it

Red dog said...

you spelt "Adelade" wrong it's Adelaide and 2 who's the developer ?? :)

Cuan_James said...

So glad to see Adelaide in development again, I was sad to see that Aerosoft canned their version.

Skylane said...

I think this is the Aerosoft version that got turned down. It was being done by a third party

ALX WNT said...

Looks like Aerosoft one... Yep that ground textures... definitely Aerosoft one

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