Saturday, August 31, 2013

A note from the flight deck.

[Editors Note] I just wanted to take another moment to address the readers and fans of AirDailyX. The pouring of emails and messages on Facebook over the last week have been absolutely incredible! Many of you I have already replied to and many more I am still looking for the time. For the most part, I was honestly unsure how this blog would survive without Dom. Once I made the decision to pull the comments, pushed my feelings into further uncertainty. But you all have shown your support regardless whether it's the tips for news, offers of direct support, and the sheer encouragement. I just wanted to sincerely say thank you all!

Clearly, the decision to pull the comments option was not an easy one. But it had to be done. ADX was starting down a bad path and my ability to differentiate between what should be and should not be published became severely compromised once I was without partners.

Even though many of you support my decision, many are really disappointed not being able to leave comments anymore including those who support my decision. Many developers also expressed their disappointment to me as they heavily rely on comments here as well. They expressed their reliance on ADX reader comments to improve their products.

My wife who is also a fan of the blog has also expressed how she really looked forward to all the comments every day. And at last, I personally miss your comments as well. As the person who posts all the news, it's your comments that I have to look forward to every day.

The comment box will return very soon. But as I am a lone ranger for the time being, and it takes a lot of effort to determine what should be and should not be published, some things will have to change.

When the comments return, you will need to have an official Google login to comment. There are simply too many trolls out there who clearly do not respect me, my efforts, this blog, the developers, and their fellow readers leading to the comments closure in the first place. So in an effort to gain some sort of pest control, the login will be compulsory.

And as many developers, shop owners, and distributors who like to comment on ADX as well, this will ensure imposers do not post on their behalf as has happened in the past.

So I'm asking you all that when the comments return, please help me. Please think carefully before you comment. I did also receive many apologies from readers and I consider this a fresh start. So when the comments return, let's respect the developers and respect one another.

This hobby is so small. The market is so small. The best we can do is to remain constructive, respect each other and have a good time!

Again, I thank each and everyone of you for your support! And I do plan to keep going!

Some great releases are coming up, so let's have fun!



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