Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What makes Twotter more advanced?

FSX/P3D. We have seen a lot of comments regarding just how more advanced is the Twotter Extended over it's predecessor. Here is one quick example: According to the tests conducted by DHC6 Twin Otter Homecockpit, the Twin Otter Extended has fully operational window heating to combat structural ice buildup not visible to the eye. They also caution those flying in icy terrain to ensure they know the settings in this area otherwise they will experience structural ice on the windshield as seen in the included shots. Cool? or cool... freezing actually...

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p3 said...

This is building up to be a very good addon.
I'll purchase it.

Pirx said...

I agree with p3. It looks like it will be a good airplane to fly with, and developers seem to be working in the good direction.

Anonymous said...

The visuals are incredibly spectacular.

Prop Strike said...

I'm really looking forward to this add-on. It's nice to see Aerosoft ramp it up this way.

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