Friday, July 5, 2013

Vidan Design Tunø Released!

FSX/P3D. Vidan Design has released Danish Airfields X - Tunø! The package includes Tunø Airfield as well as the entire island. Following Vidan's excellent Sonderborg release, this one definitely deserves a look. See some official release shots inside.


Currently available at simMarket.
See the developers official product page - click here


Name? said...

Why cannot they make Aalborg or Billund?

INFORMER said...

Well then you have to Talk whit the developer, he is always open for new airports.

How ever i think the chances are small as it´s big projects even it is a medium size airport. you have to remember you want ground texture as 1 thing they are prity expensive.. aerosoft say for some of there data they pay around 2000 EUR for not the best quality you could get i mean i spotted some where.

Also consider this is a 1 man project.. thats expensive as well as all the work..

By the way there is already a Billund Payware i know it´s whit out ground textures.. but if you look above you might know why as the developer stated it was expensive but he hoped to include it.. and yes i was self involved in that project

About Aalborg you could go ind denmark scenary there is the Aalborg airport included, it was original a stand alone version (free-ware and stil is in the denmarks scenary)


by the way i self whis it had stayed seperat but thats not the case.. but a nice airport when you think of it being free quite ok quality you even not find in payware..

Vidan Customer said...

This is all fine, quality work etc... but such a small area represented in the scenery is not something that is released nowadays even for 9 euros. In my opinion the product is too simple to be payware, even though it is nicely done. Vidan has a potential but John is wasting it for some unknown grass strips, not interesting for foreign customers. This is his choice, fine, but I still think this project is too small to pay for it. For a full-time experienced developer it would take about 10 days to complete this type of project, taking into account that he uses a lot of FSX library objects.

Søren Veje said...

Yes, FREEWARE "Denmark scenery" has Aalborg EKYT & Billund EKBI in good freeware quality, my hope is that John (VIDAN DESIGN) would make EKRK - Roskilde airport (30 km's from CPH) in a 2013 version, in the same quality as SØNDERBORG X, the FREEWARE that came out for FS9/FSX years ago are outdated now...back then it was very good :-)...but okey i love VIDANs small airports, pay &'s my country and i love to fly in it LOL...TUNØ will be a new experience for me, never been to that part of the country!...go TUNØ, go TUNØ! YO! ;-)

John said...

10 days? You seem to know alot about time frames for scenery design projects. Are you a scenery developer yourself?

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