Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taxi2gate E.T. Joshua : First Look

FSX. While working on Orlando and Mexico airport V.2, the futur cornerstone of Taxi2gate, Cesar keeps designing new Caribbean airports. After St-Lucia, here is E.T. Joshua. Despite the small size of the airport, buildings and terminal are carefully designed with colorful textures. E.T Joshua is a great place for islands hoping along the western Caribbeans or... medium-hauls toward Caracas, Princess Juliana or Puerto Rico.

The old dirty, rusty terminal of E.T. Joshua. Another airport is now beeing erected in the east part of Kingstown, in Argyle;

As usual with Taxi2gate team, the textures are designed to fit buildings real conditions.

File Size : 76,25 MB
Manuel : 5 pages in English / 1 chart.
Platforms : FSX
Framerate : Excellent.
Size of the scenery : Approximately 60 square km.

Can i land a liner there ? Yes. The runway length is over 4 600 feets.

Distances :

582 Nm from Santo Domingo Las Americas.
372 Nm from Caracas, Venezuela.
312 Nm from Princess Juliana, St Martin.
187 Nm from Guadeloupe Le Raizet.


3D volumetric grass all around the runway. The combination of this grass with exotic palm trees is stunning.











The Arnos Vale stadium



The terminal at night shows several kind of lights.





The terminal at dusk.
The bad :
* The basic photoreal layer around the airport could have been better.
* No special indication on Fly Tampa Grenadines compatibility.
The good :
* A long awaited airport !
* The price.
* Framerate friendly.
* And most of all.. the realistic textures.
Airdailyx First Look / July 27th 2013
More details on this scenery :


Mr.A said...

Please start linking the title picture to the post!!!!!!! So annoying otherwise...

Midnight Music said...

Wow, what a nice scenery. These well done small Caribbean airports really make a difference and add to the ambiance of the area. It's a perfect airport to arrive in your QW RJ85 as it is a short runway. Now I'm afraid I will have to purchase the Twin Otter Ext. to continue on into the Grenadines.

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