Saturday, July 27, 2013

Normandy 1944 released

FSX. FSADDON+ and France VFR have just released Normandy44, a historical based scenery located in Normandy and using France VFR photoreal winter textures. We did not test it yet, but screenshots look interesting. 4 aircrafts and many effects are included, like field artillery.
Apparently, several add-ons will complete this basepack in the future.



Much more screenshots here :

For more informations on this project, read also :



Andreas Woerner said...

Hmmm, I am not sure what this product should represent and why are they using winter textures: D-Day was at the 6th June 1944. Of course, it would be very interesting to see the atlantic wall coastline, but as they describe on their website, it was based of photos from 1946-1947 (and 90% of the fortifications was blasted by the allies until end of 1945, so I am afraid, beside of the crates, there could not very much to explore)

Valentin said...

Those are not winter textures, but at that time there was hardly any color pictures and FVFR decided to use real photography form those years for a better realism.

Andreas Woerner said...

Anticipated that, so it is just black and white ?(thats what it looks like on

I mean: this is serious from France VFR ? 29 euros for a b/w scenery without autogen and on the screenshots i didnt see any objects, either ?

May the force be with them^^

Jérôme said...

I don't understand either the interest of this product, but some do, it seems. I'd be curious to know how many they will sell. Anyway, I for one am mainly concerned by the time consumed to produce that, instead of making the products people are really waiting for (VFR regions, Paris and PACA particularly).

I hate the way they plan their projects :o/

Mason Dominique said...

It's partly our job to explain what a new product can do or not. But i must admit that we did not even receive an official press release nor any press copy here.
We will try to post more informations soon.
Dom Mason

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