Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Suvarnabhumi FS9.

FS9. The backport to FS9 has begun and it actually looks quite good. Say what you will about FS9 but 60FPS in a PMDG 747 with no chance of OOM with 100% AI in thunderstorm settings and max cloud coverage on final is a very good piece of mind! Oh yeah!

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Live Wire said...

Thanks for saying it like it is. However never forget you can also turn on aircraft shadows too. Just like real life in fact. :-)

Todd said...

I'm glad to see more developers beginning to support FS9 again. I went directly to P3D from FS9 about 6 months ago largely because it seemed developers were abandoning FS9 daily. I love P3D but I do hope FS9 survives this transition we are seeing in flight simulation. It's still a solid platform, and there are a lot of people who have a lot of money tied up in it.

Anonymous said...

these guys announced that Don Muang and whole Bangkok city buildings will come, too.
But as separate addon parts.

VTBS is part 1
Don Muang is part 2
Bangkok City is part 3

Sid said...

Looking forward and watching closely to see how this turns out...Want a quality-looking Bangkok city very much and other interesting big and small Asian cities (and world cities all over for that matter). Good luck aa sceneries. Hope night-lighting will be done though!

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