Monday, July 29, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Skysoft Haikou Meilan!

FSX. The very first FSX payware from Skysoft reaches a very good standard of quality. We did not see any bug and most of all, every model and texture is clean and properly designed. Haikou Meilan ZJHK is also interesting for connections to Bangkok, Ventiane, Xiamen, Hong-Kong and Macao airports. Congratulations to Skysoft !


File Size : 580 MB !
Version tested : FSX.
Framerate : Very friendly.
(tested on a I7 3,4Ghz / 6 MB / Win 7 / 64 Bits / Nvidia GTX650 ti)

Manual ? Yes, 10 pages in English.

The main terminal is a relatively complex piece of model but everything is nicely done. Jetways are partly transluscent, the roof complex architecture has been modelized, ambient occlusion shadows have been added. A coach is moving along all the gates. Many détails have been designed : light poles, vehicules, traces of wear at gates markings etc.

The water fontain located between the terminal entry and the ATC tower is animated.

The airport, surrounded by FTX Global textures...(green areas). These textures totally improve the ground surface with colorful vegetation and typical houses.

Road traffic along the main motorway. One regret though, as in many sceneries, cars are driving over the bridges.

The photoreal ground texture layer is quite good this time. Not as bad as what we already saw from other asian developers.

This is still not the top notch of flight simulation, jetways are not moving, but everything is carefully designed here (by the way, no mention of AES support yet).

A first in FSX : a visual display of an moving elevator !

Night lights at departures/arrivals. Several posters.

Here is another view of the scenery with FTX Global additions. On this final approach, the pilot can see these night lights in the front stage.


Airdailyx / July 29th 2013 /First Look


Captn said...

Hey guys!

IS it only me or FTX seems to be just fantastic over Europe and very average outside the EU....At 100 bucks, I thought the soft wd be a game changer but im more than skeptical...Im a GEX user and id like to have your opinion guys.
that's actually the shot with FTX that made me want to say something....

Mason Dominique said...

From what i can compare in Asia, FTX Global really improves textures. FSX defaut does not offer these vibrant green textures in Haikou island.

Søren Veje said...

Well done scenery, i'm going to buy it right now, SKYSOFT they need support, so they can make more...their FS9 scenery's FREE & PAYWARE are top notch, and it looks like FSX is on the same line, thx Mason for the great screenshots and the FTX compare - cool man!!! ;-)

Sid said...

Will also support their first product as it seems to be an honest effort, then will continue to support as long as they continue to improve. We need these kind of Chinese and Asian airports now to fill up FTX Global and that blend shot looks pretty decent all together and showcases the point, thanks Dom. Will buy.


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