Saturday, July 6, 2013

Redbird FlightSimulations!

[Hardware] I know we all think about what aircraft or aircraft's we would buy if we won the lottery. But does anyone think that actually owning your dream airplane would have any effect on your flight sim hobby? I think not. So let's see what many of us would buy with $70,000 in your dining room... Heck, piss off your wife and put it in the kitchen!

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darryl sheppard said...

I love this topic re: Home built flight simulators, as I think its becoming more affordable, and reasonable for anyone to do it. With JETMAx in full swing, people can move away from flying a desk and a small kit that adds to the realism.

I myself am building a FULL 737-800 simulator, if anyone is interested in following the progress, with details around networking / projection screens / hardware / software and also, a topic that was introduced by myself when I used to write for AirDailyX a few months back re: TILYPROXY I have managed successfully to get the resolution down to SHARP imaginary flying anywhere globally - you can check it out here at my FB page, to see the scoop: -

Happy Flying guys, and my wishes to those who were unfortunately caught in the 777 accident in SFO today.

darryl sheppard said...
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xavierp said...

I would go for

Those guys sell a motionplatform for cockpit builders for 30K, hard to beat in my opinion

Plus they specialize in fs simulion
they are going to lelystad fs week end each year

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