Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Tipella!

FSX/P3D. Dear good, it's beautiful. And aboard this old Lionheart Fairchild F24, we can almost see God everywhere, around this amazing nature... who knows. Tipella CBB7 is just an airfield, somewhere in British Columbia, located in the north end of the Harrison Lake. Not too far from Vancouver and Kelowna (110 NM approximately). But it's a charming place. Thanks Gordon! Excellent choice!

Screenshots and comments from Dom and D'Andre. Best.

Enroute from Vancouver to Tipella...

 These first shots are just an introduction. You are going to need Orbx FTX Pacific Northwest to enjoy these Rockies.

The Harrison lake on my GPS.

Well, i needed a fast aircraft to come here, but obviously, the Carenado TBM will not do it. Will just try to land for fun but..


Well, apparently, i landed it but that's definitely not the proper vehicule here.
Tipella is just a small airfield, surrounded by tall trees.

Look closely... Did you see something moving in the backstage ?

Dusk time.

 Maybe Tipella is the beginning of a new city... A new Hongcouver... (Oups Vancouver, locals will understand....).

Airdailyx / July 3rd 2013

P3D by D'Andre

P3D. His name is Gordon Madison. Now for some reason, I am having trouble recalling his name in previous Orbx works. So sadly to say, this particular developer seems to have remained off my radar. Until now.

This is one of those small dirt strips most might just might overlook. It's not an airport. There is no paved runway. No tower.

So what exactly does this little scenery have to offer? Well first of all, it's perfectly situated in one of the many scenic valleys that make up the PNW region so you just can't loose there. Second, of the many such valley's within the PNW, this one has not just a beautiful approach, but one that has a slight challenging approach aspect as well.

But it doesn't just stop there, you can clearly see there was much attention to detail. There is clearly passion in ones work. It's so obvious, you can't help but see it everywhere you look. This place is no ordnary dirt strip. No ordinary water landing. There is very much a feeling to this place that makes it worth the trip. So small as it might be, there is very much to offer. But please, don't take my word for it. Let the shots speak for themselves.

Besides, it's FREE! So soon as you are done here, go and see for yourself just why Tipella is more than worth each and every trip you make to this exciting destination.

Well done Gordon. Well done!
Now when I arrived to Tipella, it was a beautiful evening just before Sunset. Besides, after the flight from Flournoy Valley, I was already tired. So I decided to wait till morning to go out with the Camera. Sadly, I awoke to find the weather was not at all cooperative. Total bummer. But my time here was limited so I took the shots anyway.

Note the family of ducks above. Yes, fully animated.

As I got closer, I could swear I heard the cock of a shotgun. Anyway, I kept my distance...
Many little homes in the area to explore in this little town.
As night fell, it only got more beautiful...

Honestly, I could easily do a full review on this little scenery. But given the scale of it and the fact that it's free, there is nothing stopping you from form heading over to Orbx and getting it for yourself right now! Besides, I have to leave something for you to explore!

Enjoy it folks! We sure are! Direct download here:

Happy flighting!

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Rick Harms said...

Hongcouver, nice! Haven't had a chance to load it yet but can't wait to see it my self. I'm up in this area quite often fishing and camping so needless to say I can't wait to try it out.

p3 said...

Even though I hate your guts, deandre, you have produced some great looking shots.

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks much! :)

Bert pike said...

I think it would make a nice iphone fishing game too.

Todd said...

Virtual fish camp. Nice!

Prop Strike said...

The reason you haven't seen any of Gordon Madison's works D'Andre is because this is his first release with Orbx. A freeware release is Orbx's proving grounds before bringing developers into the team. His next release will be a payware product for Orbx.

Jens said...

Available @

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