Thursday, July 18, 2013

Next update this weekend!

FS9/FSX/P3D. The FSGlobal team is among the most active in the FS community in terms of the frequency of product updates. The latest update was last weekend and the next update is expected this weekend. Included in the update will be the following local weather effects:

We are currently working on the following local weather effects, which will be released this weekend:
 .) ENVY (Værøy, Norway)
 .) KDEN (Denver, United States)
 .) LICJ (Palermo, Italy)
 .) VHHH (Hong Kong, China)
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EJ said...

DAndre - would you recommend this over the other options for weather injection? I have to say it does look really good. But is it as realistic as it says it is? Im fed up of REX's engine, its just not good. So want to keep their textures and get a great injection software for real world weather. Cheers

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