Sunday, July 28, 2013

LLH4 Megève! New for 2013!

FSX/P3D. LLH Creations has very little interest in developing airports outside of the Northern French Alps region. But that's totally okay with me! The developer has taken to updating his older projects and I just love the exciting yet challenging approaches of the LLH airports. And yes, confirmed by ME last night, all LLH sceneries work perfectly with FTX Global! Scenery now in beta!

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Graeme said...

Hi DAndre. Have you happened to check if the seasons look and blend a lot better with these airports and FTX Global?

I'd always looked at these airports and the France VFR scenery, but never bought any as the Alps HD packages are apparently always summer so the airports would be in snow in winter and then would cut into the mountains with bright green summer.

I wasn't sure if the compatibility was okay either between LLH and the newer France VFR, LLH seemed to reference compatibility installers with the older France VFR products but not the newer HD ones.

On top of this I don't speak French, so discerning a lot of the stuff on the forums accurately enough to warrant dropping over a hundred Euros just got too much for the brain in the end and I'd just given up and hoped maybe they'd update soon with more obvious compatibility and airport updates :)

DAndre Newman said...

Yes Graeme you are very correct! So far summer and spring is working out very well. I will be writing an editorial on FTXGlobal and the Alps/payware airports in the area so i'll have an answer for you soon.

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