Monday, July 1, 2013

Jonathan Gabbert still alive!

FS9. Well i'll be damned! J. Gabbert is still with us after all. After the long awaited release of his YVR project which came weeks after the announcement of FSDT, Jonathan just fell off the planet. We are aware he was in the process of getting his Metroliner rating. But to see he is underway on a new project is great!  Here are some development shots of Bellingham International Airport! Just one thing, Jonathan, please for the love of God, update your Vancouver project!! Also Happy Canada Day folks. Sorry I didn't have time for a banner... I'll make a late a late one anyway.
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wideloadwhitford said...

Niceee Finally BLI!

Hopefully I can covert it to FSX.

DMac10121 said...

Please, oh, please let this have an FSX update. We got lucky with FSDreamTeam CYVR, but I have been hoping for a Bellingham for so, so long.

madpuppy said...

I would hope for a functional Vancouver as well, as FSDT no longer does FS9.

I think BLI is a better bet for Gabbert. It's much less intricate than YVR, with which he bit off way more than he could chew.

Sticking with Airbus. said...

So is Winnipeg (CYWG) which he indicated was next after CYVR.

DAndre Newman said...

Oh that's right!

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