Wednesday, July 3, 2013

JetStream Designs: Marseille Provence!

FSX/P3D. What a great job this project is turning out to be. We stumbled across this project several months ago and we have continued following development. These days, it seems SimWings is so far behind the 8Ball, that many independent developers have moved in on their legacy destinations with impressive stride! So let's check just how far along this project is now and when the release date is expected!

Okay did you enjoy those amazing shots? Here is the development status as of now:

Scenery should be released in either July or August 2013.

Scenery will be payware.

Very few buildings still need to be done.

Many ground vehicles are to be added

Compatibility with “FranceVFR photoreal PACA volume 2 scenery” is is currently being checked.

Smooth FPS on mid-range rigs.

The official development team name is: JetStream Designs.

As we get more info we will get it to you!

Thanks much to the developer Thomas for the shots and information! We are very much looking forward to release!
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Mason Dominique said...

Must have ! Must have !


Jens said...

WOW! That's looking phantasic!!!

flyhi said...

Looking very good! I will definitely buy Marseille. But maybe a little bit too much night lighting in some of the screenshots

xavierp said...

Holly Cow....

wow this looks amazing.....wowowowow

One word wow

Hugo Sala said...

Good job ! will buy it :)

Sid said...

Looks very promising already! Think I'll probably buy too. Keep up the good work.

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