Monday, July 15, 2013

Here comes AOX!

FSX. Now if you are anything like me, you avoid default airports like the plague. However, let's face it, many of our dream airports may never get made into a payware version. So what do you do? Well the guys at FSX Workshop just may have a doable cure. It's called AOX.

Basically Airport Overhaul X is a too, that improves the default FSX airports and ground textures. In short, it is like REX, but focusing only on all FSX default airports, replacing building, taxiway, and runway textures with a quality photorealistic textures. I tend to bring all default FSX airports visually a step closer to payware ones. Much more natural looking, and they are in a high resolution, not 64x64px like the default ones.

In the below shots there are some default textures left on these screenshots (jetways, and some parts of the building), they are WIP.

According to the developer, this texture replacement addon is planned to be released in August/September (September release is more realistic), and it will be probably a Simmarket exclusive. The price will be around 9-10 euros.
Default EDDM


The developer is present in a forum. However, we are not linking to this forum do to our opinions of the forum owners modus operandi. 
We will provide you with more information as the developer get's it to us directly.

 Night textures
Alternative texture set

 Custom ground textures ramp
Custom ground textures taxiway

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Mark H said...

I appreciate the idea and effort behind this, but I think it's still not enough for me to avoid those airports.

Stargazer said...

There asre still a bunch of simmers with "not that good" rigs, and they are avoiding payware detailed airports because in certain situations (AI Traffic + autogen + vehicles) tends to zero haha. :)
I have a 3.4ghz QuadCore, but still with a default A321 and MyTrafficX in front of Aerosoft Munich, fps is around 25, or even lover if it was a long flight. So imagine this scenario in the NGX, nightmare.

For me this project sounds and looks promising, and I bet most of the above mentioned users will look forward to AOX.

flynryan692 said...

Pretty cool, I'd be willing to get this.

Søren Veje said...

Hmmm this one came out in 2009 and i use it, it also makes the booooooooring default airports (terminal buildings, ground etc) a little bit more interesting... ;-)

EJ said...

This is a very good idea. Pretty good shots for WIP, look forward to following the development of this and seeing some final HD textures.

Edward S. said...

I have it, and it's not that good, bad textures.

Søren Veje said...

In 2009 it was good, and better than default, but comparred with 2013...eeerr you're right ;-)

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