Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FTXGlobal: more from around the world...

FSX/P3D. I must be honest, for P3D, FTXGlobal just can't come soon enough. Default terrain in P3D is pure rubbish. In the latest update from John, we get another world tour of FTXGlobal! Finally I can get the heck out of England and the PNW! Check it!

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EJ said...

Finally a photo from Singapore! Haha always nice to see your home - looks pretty spot on! Great job Orbx!

Chris J said...

Hey EJ, no offence but if it's your hometown and you look at it more closely, you know this really is not spot on and is only simply default Singapore with FTX Global textures. It doesn't solve the problem that default Singapore doesn't do any justice at all to this great city which, in reality, looks very different and far more impressive than that screenshot shows. Even the textures aren't quite right but more importantly the landclass has not changed and is still the original default version, which as we know, is pretty aweful in Singapore, and Asia in general. My point is simply that default fsx is so bad in Asia thet just changing the colours alone won't fix the issue to a level that is anywhere near spot on and much more interesting to fly in.

Don't get me wrong, I'm only saying its nowhere near spot on at present but as JV said on Orbx's forum, Singapore and Asia will be fixed/sorted/much improved with OpenLC add-ons (which will hopefully divide Asia up as its the world's largest continent by far with many different landclasses/textures within its regions, e.g. South Asia, South-East Asia, Far East and Central/Northern Asia). So, in summary, Singapore will look more "spot on" once OpenLC is released for FTX Global with more custom buildings and the correct textures, as they say they will do. In the end therefore, it should hopefully look awesome for such an important world city as FTX Global only makes best sense if the Open LC products are done and done well to reflect local flavours of places in Asia and elsewhere (e.g. S. America, Africa etc). If things don't change again, this should all happen and things will likely be spot on then. That's just my opinion but I'm only buying into FTX Global because of the OpenLC add-ons they've assured will go with it to make the bigger picture better in FSX...the more of these, the better. Hope they are still committed to them but worried as its a big investment for some if its not expandable and enhance-able to make other areas more interesting and unique for flying in. Fingers crossed.

EJ said...

Its a simulator - this is much better than original by a long shot. I know they have not touched the buildings but the groud textures are much improved. No one is going to make a model of Singapore city, we are only just getting another company doing Manhattan. London has only been done once or twice too. Seeing as no one really develops Asia properly this is about the best we will get until a developer takes the region seriously. If I wanted ultra realism I would spend the $500 on a flight from Seletar - its the best option at the moment

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