Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drzewiecki NY! Coming soon!

FS9/FSX/P3D. As each day passes, Drzewiecki closes in on the release of NY! This will most likely by far be the highest detailed city creation in the history of flight simulation! "We will make a configuration program (or at least config options) so any PC would be able to run this smoothly. Obviously at max sliders and all files enabled with highest texture resolution, frames will drop and textures loading time will be significant. No miracles. The goal would be to find the best individual settings and we will do our best to fully prepare this product for that."

"Currently working on autogen, helipads and still planting remaining buildings.

In our NY package there are a few heliports included:

2NJ9, 05NJ, 6N5, 20NJ, 91NJ, 2 heliports in Newark, KJRA, KJRB, NY22 and Metlife (closed - just for fun).

Some are detailed, while some are just start locations. I was wondering, whether it would be better to include them in the city package or in the airports package (FSX version). Please advice what you think and what your preferences would be.

Things missing [in below photo]: autogen, more advanced car traffic (few of you will use it but anyway), water mask on some ground textures and some night ground textures."
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NOT P3 said...

OOM heaven.
good luck to them.

JayZee said...

I have found a new way to avoid OOMs altogether. Just tested it this weekend with FSDT and FTX PNW with an LOD of 7.5 ;-)

Get a better PC bro ^ said...

WOW! That looks AMAZING.

Mark Batarina said...

Im in just for KEWR and KLGA

David Aquino said...

Same here, can't wait for KEWR!

Stein-Ove, Norway said...

"I have found a new way to avoid OOMs altogether. Just tested it this weekend with FSDT and FTX PNW with an LOD of 7.5 ;-)"

Nice.....But what receipt do you use for that? I'm sure many of us would like to know that....

JayZee said...

Watch this space soon for more details. I'm still test flying this new configuration.

I had been getting constant OOMs with PNW and FSDT CYVR with any configuration, even the lowest quality FSDT CYVR install. Now OOMs are finally a thing of the past! I've been flying PNW with the highest quality (4096) FSDT CYVR installed and no memory impact whatsoever, even with a 7.5 LOD.

Me said...

Teach us, master!

Aaron Graham said...

I am hopeful to be proved wrong but I think it is just a lot of hot air.

I believe actions speak louder than words. :)

someone not p3 said...

JayZee - are you using that 4gb fix for fsx.exe to andoird OOM's ?

JayZee said...

No hot air, I promise! You will see actions within the next 24 hours. I'm busy writing it all down and hopefully it will be published here.

John said...

NOT P3 July 14, 2013 at 5:06 AM

OOM heaven.
good luck to them.

How do you know it without even test it?

Mr. Drzewiecki, you did amazing job as always! Hats off!

Best regards.

PGB said...

seems someone located the dx10 preview button lately. ;)

JayZee said...

Article submitted to D'André, now it's up to him ;-)

Ipeefreely said...

This is like BDSM for FSX :)

Love it, looks amazing!

adi518 said...

I dunno why everyone complain on OOMs.. I never got one and I'm using fsx for almost a year now.

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